While the school semester may be over, congratulations to the class of 2017, the REAP and EPICS:REAP teams will still be hard at work developing solutions to eliminate food deserts. As such, we just want to take the time to share with you what we have planned for the summer months and updates we will be making.

Over the last few semesters at ASU, the EPICS team has been developing a myriad of prototypes centered on the growing apparatus and infrastructure that will be placed into, and around, the built greenhouse. These consist of the main vertical growing apparatus (see video below), a small scale solar system, nutrient input system (via vermiculture), as well as others that are still in the design pipeline. Throughout the next few months we will take you in depth on the development of each of these designs and relate it back to the overall implementation of feeding people in adversely affected communities.

The parent team of REAP is also working on a bunch of new content related to the hard and soft skills related to cooperatives (co-ops) along with planning a major overhaul of the website as we move into the next step of our overall plans. These include a better way of contacting us, volunteering opportunities and ways of donating to help us realize the dream of: Eliminating Food Deserts

There is a lot coming in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground!